Events throughout the year

Cittaslow TOURISM

In addition to market events, Kristiinankaupunki boasts many sights and experiences!

Villages organise their own market events especially in the summertime and the Kilen's Old Homestead Museum in Siipyy organises an artisan event, fermented herring party and an 18th century feast for groups.

The galleries display art by local and national artists, choir participation is active and sing-along songs echo from the yellow pavilion in the Saunapuisto Park.

Kristina Games annually attracts both Finnish and international top athletes, the Pyhävuori ski resort plays host to numerous competitions every winter, horse races are organised in the summer and the stables are active throughout the year. The fishing club organises various competitions every year...

An antique fair and a great market ball coincide with the summer market, a nostalgic 60s rock event is held a couple of weeks later.

Kristiinankaupunki has a long tradition of summer auctions.

More recent successes include the Easter witch competition and the atmospheric Christmas opening of the city centre.

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