We are proud to announce that Visit Kristinestad is now a sustainable travel destination certified by Visit Finland.

Our destination received its STF label in September 2022.


The destination is working closely together with our tourism companies and the City of Kristinestad toward our common goal of sustainability.

Our values are reflected by our beautiful seaside city with its wooden homes and its spirit of solidarity, tranquility and Cittaslow.

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Our practical work includes:

- Water and energy conservation

- Waste sorting and reducement

- Promoting our community and our businesses

- Promoting nature tourism

- Outward communication - with honesty

- Collaborating in various ways with others toward sustainability

Welcome to Kristinestad!



Dear partner

As you are probably aware, sustainable travel has become an important part of our work. Every day customers look for sustainable options in traveling - no matter the purpose of their trip.

The Sustainable Ostrobothnia project has been running for a few years now. We are pleased to tell you that already five businesses in our tourism sector have succeeded in obtaining the Visit Finland STF label. These businesses are Hotel Krepelin, Eleonora Bed & Breakfast, Kilen, Restaurant Jungman and Café Tinka.

We encourage customers to visit these hotels and restaurants when choosing between options.

Our three main points:

1. We take sustainability into account in our own procurement and support our local businesses working on sustainability.

2. We provide information and communication about ours and our partners' achievements and ongoing work regarding sustainability.

3. Through our various channels and networks we strive to have a positive impact on sustainability on local, domestic and international levels.

One of the most important aspects of our work is providing communication and information about sustainability to our residents, customers and partners so that they know sustainability is improtant to us

Specifically, we highlight our local businesses that are actively working on sustainability and have already obtained their STF certification. As of now the number of such businesses sits at five. Our work continues - multiple courses and training to help our businesses on sustainability are constantly in the works.



To make matters easier for our customers: starting fall of 2022 we will offer our partners visibility on our outgoing quotation requests. This way we want to inform the end customer about available sustainable options.