Open Gates

Visit the gardens in Kristinestad!

Visitors to Kristinestad often wish that they could take a look at the idyllic wooden house environment from the inside. They want to experience a genuine feeling and see the way people live and breathe. The wooden houses hold many stories from different centuries.

In June, the event Öppna portar – Avoimet portit (”open gates”) takes place in Kristinestad's city centre. During this event, some house owners leave their gates open and let people come in and take a look at their gardens. Some of them even let the visitors take a look inside their house.

Everyone will then get the chance to enjoy and become acquainted with different types of gardens. There are paved gardens, wild gardens, modern gardens, Japanese-influenced gardens, and courtyards with plants whose seeds that – perhaps by accident – were brought here with ballast during the seafaring era, for instance from the Mediterranean region.

The event has become a success among visitors. Annually, about 30-35 yards get involved in the event. Accordingly, there is lots to see and do during the event!

Visitors can also enjoy different types of entertainment for both children and adults: music and theatre, exhibitions, flea markets and cafes in the yards, gardening lectures and so on.

In 2020, the event takes place during 13th and 14th of June, when summer is at its greenest and the flowers have just started to bloom.

Öppna portar-trädgård