Market traditions

Market days 2020

Spring market 18.-19.4.2020

Summer market 10.-12.7.2020

Old Time Market 5.9.2020

St. Michael´s market 26.-27.9.2020

Obliging market tradition

With over 350 years of history, Kristinestad is among the most well known cities of Finland particularly as a market place. Kristinestad has been organising regular market events since 1783.

The three annual market events and the Olden Day Market, which is organised every autumn, bring the inhabitants of the province to the market square of Kristinestad via the longest stone bridge in the Nordic countries.

The three-day summer market is held on the second weekend of July, the Candlemas market takes place in the beginning of February and the St. Michael’s market is organized in the beginning of October.

The market events of Kristinestad have main-tained their authenticity in the eyes of the public as well, largely due to their intensive setting and atmosphere, no doubt. During the market events the market square and the Rådhusparken Park are filled with stalls and joyous market folk.

The Kristinestad market events are experiences not to be missed!