Cannon Bay

Cannon Bay is situated only five kilometres south from the city centre. The area has lovely trails and presents signs of the latest ice age.

At Cannon Bay, there are both beautiful rocks and charming green areas. The site is well liked, and many come here to take a dip in the sea. Do you have a picnic basket with you? This is the site for enjoying a nice outdoor meal. There are two camp-fire places, and the city provides the firewood.

Formerly, there was a signal station in Cannon Bay. A signal station comprised of a mast with several yards. Each of the signs raised to the yards had a unique meaning. While in use, the station was always manned. A passageway was constructed in the forest from Cannon Bay to the inner city which made the observation of the station possible. The observers in the tower of the City Hall could in turn direct the cannon fire. Perhaps the name Cannon Bay derives from this time.

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