Wim Hof fundamental workshop

Explore mind-body connection involving science, breathwork, ice bath and meditation.

Do you want to improve your mental or physical performance? Do you want to relieve symptoms related to an illness, reconnect with yourself and nature while you overcome the fear of cold? Wim Hof Method can be a gateway to a happier, healthier, energized and balanced life through the three pillars: breathing technique, cold exposure and commitment. The workshop is suitable for everyone, but does require a basic level of health. Out of precaution, we advise against participation during pregnancy, or if you are epileptic. People with cardiovascular issues, or any other serious health conditions should always consult a medical professional before starting the Wim Hof Method.
Kursavgift 90 €, betalas i samband med anmälningen. Anmälan via: http://bit.do/fkaiq
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