Nature Protection Area

Welcome to Tegelbruksbacken-Norrfjärden nature trail!

The bridge over the  river is now complleted. Now you have a trail of 6.2 km to enjoy

Tegelbruksbacken-Norrfjärden is a 154-hectare versatile nature protection area administered by Forststyrelsen.

Along the nature trail, you can explore the nature and history of the area with the help of information points.

This Natura-2000 area is accessible as a one-day hiking destination, or just for a couple of hours of recreation.

Forststyrelsen welcomes you to enjoy nature!

The upthrusting speed in Kristinestad is about 7 mm per year. In Norrfjärden, the actual speed is more than one meter per hundred years because of soil and other vegetation accumulates at the coast and affects the displacement of the shoreline.

For centuries, Tegelbruksbacken has been used as pasture land for the townsmen's cows and horses.

Furthermore, there are old stone walls surrounding the pasture land. These walls can be up to 3 meters wide, more than 1 meter high and more than 1km long. Presumably the walls were built in the 17th century.

The coastline of the Tjöck River offers sheltered nesting and feeding places for more than 50 different bird species. Rarities in the area are Common Kingfishers, Greater Spotted Eagles, Marsh Sandpipers, Great Egrets, Gadwails, Little Grebes and Black Terns.


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