Markets, Open Gates and Christmas celebrations

Kristiinankaupunki has been organizing regular market events since 1783. The town is famous for its market events. The annual market events are The Spring market, The Summer market, The Old Time market and the St.Michael’s market. The Summer market is one of the biggest in the country with about 60 000 visitors.

The children’s Easter witch meeting on Easter Saturday is very popular, that day hundreds of small witches meet in City Hall park waiting for the time to fly off to Blåkulla.

The Open Gates event takes place in June. Those days some house owners let people come in and take a look at their gardens. In some gardens there are gardening lectures, in others you can enjoy music and theatre.

At Christmas time many markets are held with crafts and homemade delicacies, knitted socks or traditional tin plate crafts. A very interesting event is also the Christmas opening not to mention the ”living Christmas Calendar” meaning that windows in private homes and enterprises are illuminated with a festive scene with one scene being ‘opened’ daily.

In every village of the municipality different events are organized during the year: Village Days, art exhibitions, and sports events.



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