How much Cittaslow are you?

How much Cittaslow are you?

Do you like to see as much as possible and amass new experiences during your holiday, or do you form deeper emotional bonds with your destination? Take our fun test to find out how much of a Cittaslow tourist you are!

1. If you are out on the water, which of the following options sounds best?

a) A large ship that might have to wait a long time to enter port or load cargo in a distant location.
b) An agile kayak ready to take on the rapids.
c) A streamlined speedboat that always takes you where it’s all happening.

2. Your travel agency says you will spend your holiday in an idyllic provincial town 300 kilometres away. What do you think?

c) Urgh, that sounds horrible! I really don’t want to spend hours in the car. And there isn’t enough for me to do in a provincial town.
b) Let’s go. Hopefully most of the journey will be on the motorway so it doesn’t take too long.
a) How fun! If we stick to B roads, we might come across something interesting during the journey.

3. When you reach your hotel, you are encouraged to be mindful of your water and electricity consumption. There is also a sign with instructions for sorting your waste. What do you think?

a) It’s good that they are tackling these issues here. Consideration for the environment is one of my criteria when choosing somewhere to stay.
c) I’m on a well-deserved holiday and don’t really want to think about such things right now.
b) We’re only staying here for three night and don’t have time to save the world. Although, if every guest in all 20 rooms in this hotel switched off the shower while soaping themselves, they would certainly save a lot of water every year.

4. On your holiday, you are in a restaurant looking at the menu when the waiter comes over. What are you most likely to ask them?

b) Which dish can be prepared most quickly? I want to get to the next museum.
a) Are any of these dishes typical of this particular region?
c) I’ll probably eat somewhere where I can serve myself. Somewhere I’m familiar with the menu and know exactly what I want to order.

5. Which of the following are the most beautiful soundscapes during your holiday?
c) The subway accelerating and mobile phones pinging. I feel like I’m getting somewhere and making contact with other worlds.

a) The shrieking of gulls and a cyclist calmly pedalling past. It’s nice to listen to sounds like these when reading a book outside a café.
b) The sound of my travel companions. We’re happy we can finally spend some quality time together.

6. What kind of museum tour do you like?

a) Tours with a local who can tell me about their own experiences of the subject and my destination.
b) An audio guide with the important facts.
c) I don’t usually visit museums because I find them a bit boring.

7. You eat lunch in a local restaurant. You are served an unusually good potato salad. What do you think?

a) I should probably comment on this and ask whether the potatoes and herbs were grown locally.
c) I don’t usually notice such things on my holidays. I eat lunch to keep me going until the evening.
b) I help myself to some more potato salad, but don’t really feel the need to comment on it. All the same, I tell my friends all about it when I get home.

8. Your travelling companions wake up in the morning feeling unwell, forcing you to cancel your plans. They still want you to go out and enjoy yourself. Which of the following options are you most likely to choose?

c) I’m not good at spending time alone. I surf the internet all morning to quell my frustration.
a) I ask the hotel staff whether I can borrow a bike. I cycle along the coast and enjoy the view.
b) I go shopping. I might visit the market as well.

9. Which of these buildings most appeals to you?

b) a beautiful, isolated barn at the edge of a field
a) a wooden house from the 19th century full of history
c) an ultramodern skyscraper

10. In a year’s time, what will you remember best from your holiday?

c) Visiting four cities in three different countries in five days. I visited all the top 10 sights in each and every one of them. Well done!
b) I was really stressed and immediately became irritated if anything took too long. However, I’m trying to be more laid back during my holidays.
a) The moment I saw a cat sitting contentedly and washing its face in a narrow alleyway. The way the sunlight played on its stripy fur.

Each a) answer = 2 points
Each b) answer = 1 point
Each c) answer = 0 points

0–7 points
You seem to be the type of tourist who wants to see and experience as much as possible in a short space of time. However, the fact you took this test means there might be a small seed of slow tourism growing inside you.
We bid you welcome to Kristinestad! Here you can switch off for a while, take in the ocean view and enjoy authentic flavours in restaurants serving local produce. If necessary, you can even work remotely without any trouble using our superfast fibre broadband. We’re truly veterans when it comes to improving data communication. During the early 19th century, “window mirrors” were installed on the house walls. These are still in place. Come and test their effect, which is more fascinating than social media and reality TV. However, be prepared for the wooden houses in our town to make you unwind and breathe easier than before.

8–14 points
You are already starting to explore slow tourism. You have noticed that you get more from genuine local experiences than tourist traps. You may feel somewhat uncomfortable if too much of your holiday is unplanned.
Time flies at Kristinestad’s markets and other traditional events. How about trying a ghost walk, social dancing or sauna festival? Check our current events and contribute to keeping local traditions alive. It also helps to visit the tourist information office for more holiday tips. The leaflet Inblickar i Kristinestads historia (Insight into the History of Kristinestad) will reveal several secrets – some from more than a hundred years ago. Children and the young at heart can follow Boat Mouse Lassi’s trail from the tourist information office to the adventures awaiting them among the old wooden houses. However, remember to take regular breaks when you’re doing that much walking in pursuit of culture. After all, you are in a city with a slow pace.

15–20 points
You’re truly a slow tourist! You know that slow tourism doesn’t mean stagnation, but a sense of calm and authentic local experiences. You focus on quality instead of quantity. Your slow tourism kit also contains principles for sustainable development. You are interested in your destination’s history, inhabitants and how tourism affects their everyday lives. You take the time to watch cats and listen to gulls shrieking.
You might already have known that Kristinestad is Finland’s only Cittaslow city. We respect what makes you a slow tourist. We would be delighted to introduce you to our home town’s flavours, arts and crafts, museums filled with history and nearby nature. We’re sure you’ve set aside enough time for your visit. You can find our unique accommodation options here.
It would be difficult to find a better destination for you in our country. Some slow tourists have even been so enchanted that they have moved here. Many people who grow up here and later move away also return sooner or later. Just like the ships that once sailed the seven seas.


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